Toyota Prius Prime 2019

  • Toyota Prius Prime 2019
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The Prius Prime is one of Toyota’s most beloved vehicles. It is also one of the most economical and fast to recharge. Toyota says it’s the most advanced hybrid vehicle they ever made.

This car comes in the Blue Magnetism colour.

A customer on Toyota’s official website says: “I bought my prius prime last month, and even though it’s winter, I’m at about 3.5 liters per 100km. I was looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle. In addition, the dashboard shows how to make ecological accelerations too, burning less gasoline. Really satisfied. The quality of the interior finish is also amazing.”

Main Points

Toyota Safety SenseMC
7” Display Audio
Heated Steering Wheel
Quad-LED Projector Headlamps, Rear LED Tail Lamps, LED Daytime Running Lights
Advanced Dual 4.2” full colour Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) gauge cluster
Dual Trip Odometer and Eco Drive Monitor

Toyota Prius Prime 2019

Here is the general information about the model. Some of the features and/or specifications mentioned may not be available on all vehicles.


  1. Type 1.8L V4
  2. Power 121 horsepower
  3. Torque (lb-ft) 105
  4. Fuel Capacity 43 litres


  1. Weight 3365.0 lbs
  2. Wheelbase 106.3 in.
  3. Height  58 in.


  1. Tires P195/65R15
  2. Rims Size 15  in.
  3. Rims Aluminum
  4. 4-Season Tires Included

Additional Information

  1. Combined electric/hybrid autonomy 1035km
  2. Consumption rating in EV mode 1.8 for 100km
  3. Charging Time 5h30

$799 MSRP: $35 234

Basic Monthly Price. Taxes Not Included.



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